Diary Series: Open Letter to ex Best Friend

Hello Slayerss! I thought I would introduce a new blog series , Diary Entries, where I will discuss different advice and self care matters that could help bring comfort and relief to any situations you find stressful or hard to deal with. I love to give my friends advice and to help them solve their problems so I think sharing this open letter is appropriate. Sometimes we go through hard times with relationships and friendships, most of the time for me I find it harder to get over a friendship than I would a relationship. I always keep my friends close and think of them as my sisters, to lose them it  feels like I lost my family and that’s not a good feeling. So below I finally wrote my final thoughts on how I want to let them know how I feel,  to get it off my chest and to finally move on. Hopefully this shows you its okay to still care but you must forgive and move on and just remember the good times.

Dear ex Best Friend,

Friendship is a funny thing, I found a lot of quotes saying it is “ the family that you get to choose,” which for the most part is true. I often think about you and I do miss you and your presence, but now its not the same. In the beginning our friendship started out like it was a match made in heaven literally, we had so much in common and so many new adventures to explore together. I enjoyed everything we did together no matter big or small. The greatest feeling was that I had met someone who was understanding me for who I am and not who they want me to be. Only you would understand that,  I thought it would last longer than it did but it didn’t.

We ended up having alot of interruptions, having other friends is always great because then we can come together, but that even resulted to be the worst idea. I thought we could talk it out but we couldn’t, all that ever happened were arguments, so bad we just didn’t even talk.  There was a disconnect, but we ignored it. I hate that we ignored it.  Maybe we thought that it would fizzle out and not have an impact as much as it did.

However, it actually just grew bigger which made us more and more distant. Which showed both our ages and insecurity of our relationship,  we were growing towards two different directions that had no chance of coming back together. I will always love you but it has to be from a distant. Ill always think about how we were and how we could’ve changed it and fixed it, but now we are ex friends and we waited too late so we have to deal with the consequences.

To predict if we will be friends again, I don’t see it happening its the best idea that we don’t and we accept the parting and continue our lives the way they are. I have a more positive life now and I know you are better with your life too probably? I doubt you will see this post but if you do.. you probably still won’t understand and I’m fine with it, just know I forgive you and I’ve let it go just as you should.


Your ex best friend



  1. Nicole muse
    April 14, 2018 / 10:18 pm

    I am very excited for both of you! I don’t know much about
    Blogs, i guess I am ready to learn! I love the letter to the ex
    girlfriend! Everyone of us have one or two ex friend, but sometimes it is hard to reconnect! Also sometimes destiny plays a major role in everything and everyone’s life! Keep up the good work!

    • actnaturalbc
      April 19, 2018 / 3:35 pm

      Thank you, Im glad you liked it !! I definitely agree with destiny playing a major role in everything !!

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