My Top Binge-worthy shows on Netflix

I dont know about you guys but I love watching TV! I tend to have a lot of time on my hands and I end up finding so many shows that suck me in until I finish the entire series. Now don’t deem me as a couch potato I just love watching shows and seeing different perspectives through what someone has written. Especially when it deals with mystery, action and murder. Ive listed my top five favorite Netflix binge-worthy shows that I deemed to have different viewpoints and also bring insight!


1. The Following

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This show has everything in it. Action, mystery and suspense, it keeps you on your toes and definitely doesn’t disappoint. In my opinion, anything Kevin Bacon is just really good, he has yet to disappoint me. I also enjoyed watching the imagery that was used by the killer how he chose to control people its very interesting and shows how people can be easily persuaded.


2. The Killing

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I was very surprised by how this show sucked me in. The main character is so obsessed with catching the killer and sometimes becomes a little too obsessed. It starts out with the investigation of a teenage girl and becomes more then they bargained for. Honestly if you like murder mysteries and crimes this is for you!  If I say more I might give too many details so just watch it I promise you’ll enjoy it !


3. Big Mouth

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I know this is totally different from the top two , but I always need a balance. I love animated cartoons because they can sometimes distract you and give you less of a serious feeling if you are in a bad mood. This show is so funny, I like the realness and how it doesn’t steer off into being too fake but this is how some people really feel about puberty. It couldn’t have been written better and Im super excited for season 2!


4. Altered Carbon

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To end my short list of faves I chose Altered Carbon. The graphics and story line were amazing. Netflix has really stepped their game up when it comes down to the Science Fiction and futuristic shows. The crazy thing about this show to me was that they were put back into any body, so in the movie a little girl was implanted into an old ladies body, through a dial that carries souls that is implanted in the back of their neck. Which is actually terrible because she didn’t have enough money so she got what she got. Its definitely a good watch for those who like shows with plot twists, action and cool graphics!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments what you all enjoy watching, I love trying out new shows!


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