Galentines Day Gift Guide

Hello Beauties !! It is that time year again where love is in the air and corny ways to show your love are on the rise!!! However, I have to be realistic and recognize my single ladies who may not be spending this time with a bf/gf , but, who might be thinking of headinng out with their girlfriends instead! I have crafted a great gift guide that I think would be the best way to spend with your besties if you are the giving and recieving types! I hope you girls find this fun and a great guide to lead you in the right direction. If you’re like me, gift guides are literally your best friend aside from your best friend, get it (lol)!

Gift 1. Fenty Bomb Gloss

I want to start out with something simple that every girl needs in their life especially our beauty lovers! The Fenty Lip gloss is a perfect gloss for everyday looks from school to work, or even work to a night out. It isn’t super expensive and won’t break the bank to have something thats fun and so universal for all skin tones.

Gift 2.   Kiehls Primer 

Now this is an example gift guide and I wanted to add something skincare. Us makeup lovers know we are always trying to find a really good primer for our makeup that will assist in keeping our skin moisturized and healthy underneath our makeup! Kiehls is a great skincare brand that is known for keeping skin moisturized and catering to all skin types. I think this would be a perfect gift because no matter what our gfs wear whether it be concealer, BB cream or even taking it all the way to foundation this would be a perfect addition to their makeup collection.

Gift 3. ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette is literally my favorite OG palette from ABH! The colors are so versatile and they blend so smoothly. I can not get enough of it! It is also so fitting to the Holiday because Valentines Day is full of reds, pinks and sparkle and so is the palette! It is a beautiful array of colors and it just is perfect for anyday of the week and any time of the day !

Gift 4. Amazon Gift Card

This is a easy way to go for my people who don’t want to purchase anything but may want to go the route of giving money or gift card. I chose Amazon gift card because amazon is amazing. They have everything from groceries to household products to even clothes. This gift can be a win win for everyone just because it is a one stop shop where the receiver isn’t limited to what they can choose!

Gift 4. Candy [ Sugarfina]

Finally we are at the end of the gift guide and I have chose a favorite that has worked everytime with any type of gift giving! Sugarfina has a great selection of candies that can be put into special boxed sets and personalized. Also, I enjoy the fact that they create new flavors and new creative ways to showcase them to the receiver. I also love that they can be bought in sets because thats super helpful so that you can just do a variety of flavors and enjoy!


I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide it was so much fun creating it and I love participating in choosing the right gift for your gfs! Have a Happy Holiday and stay tuned for the next post!



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