Sugarless Iced Mocha Latte Recipe

2019 brought resolutions for weightloss and giving up sugar! I am struggling at the part of giving up the sugar, as many of us do. Now to preface , my sugar cravingsdo not have to do with candy related items , however my sugar cravings have to do with my love for sweet coffee! I am a sucker for Iced Mocha Lattes, honestly they are the greatest drinks crafted by the coffee Gods! So with that being said, I decided to figure out a way to enjoy my favorite drink without the sugar and making it less dangerous. I searched high and low on pinterest for a recipe that would give me the same taste but less sugar. I found many but none of them seemed to the right taste that I could enjoy. After so many fails, I think I have found the right recipe and the best version of the recipes I tried. Enjoy!

Im so excited for you all to try ! If you do try it dont forget to tag me on IG @contourswithcourt or use the hashtag #SLVmochachallenge! Stay tuned for the next post!



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