Feeling of Detachment?

In our society, we can become stuck in a routine, life can be repetitive or lack emotion. Recently, I have felt detached from myself and those around me. I want to get more personal with you all because life is not always as it seems on social media. Often when I feel this way it happens when I am sometimes stressed, and I forget to create a place for myself to live in the moment. It often feels this way when there is not anything or anyone providing a spark in my life. You have to create your own happiness, your own spark. I want to provide some ideas that can help bring that to your life if this relates to you or anyone you know.

  1. Go outside get fresh air. In my city summer is right around the corner, the beach will be open, and it will be more tolerable weather to enjoy and smell the fresh air. It’s a good way to break your routine and try something new, like reading a book on your porch or sit on a bench and people watch.
  2. Take an herbal bath or try a bath bomb.It is so relaxing to soak in a bath and reflect or meditate. I often play the music that I enjoy as I relax or sometimes get a glass of wine and place my iPad to play Netflix. If you are looking to purchase any herbs you can purchase them from The Water Therapist she has everything you will need.
  3. Physical Activity, 30 mins a day.  I know that our lives can be hectic, but our health is important! Another good way to break the routine or add to it, for me I like to play tennis. Although a lesson wouldn’t be thirty minutes it’s something that is high intensity and stimulates me. Working out a gym can seem like a waste of time if you do not know what machines to use.
  4. Call a Friend and have some coffee.  It’s always great to catch up with a friend during a time where you are feeling detached from the world around you. Talk about news, exchange advice, go to a concert, get some coffee. You want to create more meaningful moments and share experiences to create more happiness shared with others.

You can feel burnt-out or meaningless because of how individualistic our world is, which isn’t to say personal succession and building by yourself doesn’t work to your advantage. However, we have to bring yourself back and remember we want to share our achievements with others around us, may it be family, friends or spouses.

We must live in the moment and appreciate those around us. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, it should be something we look forward to every day.



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